Monday, October 14, 2013

Talk Show Script

Introduction by host: Good morning / afternoon/ evening. I'm (host’s name) and you're watching (program’s name).Today/tonight we'll be talking about (topic).

Host: To better understand these events, we'll talk with (guest star’s name), who is a (expert in what field/ known in what field); as well as (guest star’s name), who (expert in what field/ known in what field). Finally, for a perspective from a (expert in what field/ known in what field), we'll also have (guest star’s name) on our show.
Host: We're going to start with (guest star’s name).
Mr/Mrs. (guest star’s name), tell us (question).
1st Guest: Well, (answer).
Host's response: Let's go to (2nd guest star’s) for a response. Mr/Mrs.(2nd guest star)  what do you think of (1st guest star's) comment?
2nd guest: Well, ____________________________________________________
1st Guest response to 2nd guest: _______________________________________
Continue in talk show/round table discussion format, involving all guests in a dialogue/debate that shows different sides of the issues involved:
Concluding Statement by host: ____________________________________________.

Introduction by host: Good afternoon. I'm Izza and you're watching talking-talking. Today we'll be talking about the power of giving, especially shadaqoh.

Host: To better understand these events, we'll talk with Ippho Santoso, who is the writer of 7 Keajaiban Rejeki; as well as Ary Ginanjar Agustian, who is an expert in ESQ. Finally, for a perspective from an ustadz, we'll also have ust. Yusuf Mansur on our show. Talking about shadaqah, it is not complete if we don’t have a bookwriter about shadaqah. So, we will also call Muhammad Assad, a writer of Notes from Qatar, to join with our show.
Host: We're going to start with Mr.Ippho.
Mr/Mrs. Mr. Ippho, tell us about what shadaqah is.
Ippho: Well, shadaqah is .....
Host's response: Let's go to Mr. Ary Ginanjar for a response. Mr. Ary Ginanjar, what do you think of Mr. Ippho’s comment?
Ary G: Well, I agree with Mr. Ippho’s idea about shadaqah. But I have some words as enforcement. ......
Ippho’s response to Ary G: That’s true. Furthermore ......
Host: we have known what is shadaqah. Now, a question to Ust. Yusuf Mansur. You are known with shadaqah jor-joran or in English shadaqah in very huge amount. What is the background and the aim of that activity?
Yusuf Mansur: .......
Host: Mr. Assad, what is in your mind about shadaqah jor-joran?
M. Assad: In my point of view, it is ...
Concluding Statement by host: We have listened to expert’s saying about shadaqah. So, guys ____________________________________________.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mid-Test Item For PBA A Students


Write a biography of a figure.
Write it in minimum 200 words.
Write it in a piece of paper.
Write it in every other line.
Hand in it next meeting.

Good luck!

Talkshow Preparation Task

CLASS: Ilmu AlQur’an dan Hadist A & PGRA A
1.       Group Task
a.       Create a theme of the talk-show.
b.      Create 10 questions and answers based on the theme.
c.       Send your theme and questions to Deadline: 19 Oct ’13.
d.      Be ready to be the guest-stars and the host in the next meetings.
2.       Individual Task
a.       Create a biography of a figure you have gotten.
-          You can read the sample and how to make a biography in the other posts in this blog. Just search by yourself.
-          No Google translation!
-          Write your sentences simply. Use the theories/explanation you have gotten in the class.
-          The minimum of the text length is 200 words.
-          Write the source(s).
b.      Send your biography text to Deadline: 19 Oct ’13.
Note: this individual task will be reckoned as MID TERM TEST. So, do the best for your task.
Good luck!